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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Upward On to 'Castello', Cagliari's Sumptuous Medieval Fortress

The capital of the Sardinian region of Italy is Cagliari, called 'Casteddu' in Sardo, the original language of the ancient island. The region can boast of having among the longest stretches of beach in the country, which reaches some 13km.

Within Cagliari's cultural center you will find the quarter of 'Castello', meaning 'castle' in Italian. It is situated atop a high natural ridge that overlooks the Gulf of Cagliari, also known as 'Angel's Gulf'. Most of its Medieval period inner walls are intact. The quarter features two 13th century white lime-stone towers, two white lime-stone towers built by the Pisans, and designed by the famous architect, Giovanni Capula.

Originally there were actually three towers that guarded the three gates that gave access to the district, called 'St. Pancras' tower and the 'Elephant' tower. The local white lime-stone was also used to build the walls of the city and many buildings. Historical accounts reveal that D.H. Lawrence, in his written memoirs of his stay trip in Sardinia, 'Sea and Sardinia', he described the impressive effect of the warm Mediterranean sun-light on the white lime-stone city and compared Cagliari to a "white Jerusalem".

Today 'Castello' is a splendid and stylishly intriguingly center of museums, cafes, bars, art studios, and boutiques that truly 'pop' at night (mind you, not evening, but later). Do not miss visiting the bar at the top of Castello's ridge with its Arabesque type ambiance complete with harem palace style 'beds' draped with silks and sprawling cushions. A bit eccentric, but fun way to enjoy a drink with friends.
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